Maid Lottie

“Pyon-Pyon Pew-Pew!! You can be my player 2!”



April 22nd



Blood type


Soul colour

Light Pink



Favourite food

Carrot cake… and crunchy gaming snacks

Favourite flower



Gaming, Cartoons & taking photos!

Random fact

Lottie doesn't understand boardgames… where's the controllers and cute customizable characters?

Born in the beautiful MOE mansion gardens within her bunny burrow, Lottie has always been inquisitive and curious about the outside world. Her parents had warned her of the dangers of the world so outside of small errands, she stayed inside her burrow learning about the world through the world of video games…HER SECRET GAMING DEN! Once she got older (and braver), Lottie began to explore outside the rabbit hole. Being fresh out in the world Lottie is extremely curious, documenting life in the MOE mansion. Those with a keen eye could sometimes spot her out and about with her camera and note book in hand learning about all the new things in the world around her (Though only for a glimpse as she would run away as soon as she was spotted). 

On one particular errand just before her 17th Birthday, Lottie wanting the Mansion’s chef Maid Xiao to make her some carrot treats (The cook would often leave snacks out for her and the other wildlife in the mansion’s gardens). The Bunny stumbled upon a strange device in the nearby town. The only thing she could read from it was a date ‘XX June 2022, Target MOE’. Alerted, she grabbed her camera and rushed back to the mansion to warn her (one-sided) MOE family. 

After reviewing the device, the members of the mansion concluded that Lottie should stay within the mansion’s grounds to keep an eye out for this mysterious threat and document every oddity in and out of the mansion from then on. A daunting yet exciting task for a curious bunny!