Maid Lilith

“mine mine MINE…”



31st October


Forever 17~

Blood type


Soul colour

Deep purple


Making sure no one leaves her side~

Favourite foods

Although Lillith's main power source is the energy she charms from customers, she has a strong sweet tooth and adores cakes!

Favourite flower

Purple lillies

Random fact


Lillith is the eldest of seven daughters, of the powerful demon king Oriens. However, she grew tired of being catered to constantly, and as a princess she was not allowed to go out alone and have fun. Being the eldest meant she had the most responsibilities and she grew sick of it.

One day she hatched a plan to escape. Whilst she was left alone to study, she snuck out a transportation spell book from her father’s library, prepared a complicated ritual and finally escaped to the surface world. After much wandering, Lillith felt a strong presence of supernatural energy and came across the MOE Mansion, however at some point during her stay she was accidentally fed a potion that disrupted her natural form into a small creature and when returning to hell to fix her ailment she became stuck…she was left watching and watching all those she cared for and something…snapped.

After some good timing with the love of valentines day and the magic of a fellow maid she managed to return home to the mansion but something about her was….different