Maid Kana

“Let’s Test It Out!!!”



1st May


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Light Green


Experimentation, watching slice-of-life anime and doing ANYTHING but cleaning.

Favourite foods

All junk food, Lolipops and her very own special mint gum she names M.1.N.T.

Favourite flower


Random fact

From theory to complete invention, it takes Kana approximately 1 week to complete it (That’s how long her attention span lasts)

Kana is a curious and excitable young scientist who is considered a young prodigy by those in academic fields; despite this, she can be clumsy, and dislikes doing chores and errands in favour of spending her time reading manga, watching anime, and playing games. Although she gets very motivated to start large-scale trial-and-error experiments, she tends not to get too upset when they don’t work out, almost immediately moving on to her next great scientific plan!

On her 17th Birthday, the young scientist decided to put her talents to use by creating an android companion for herself, so that she wouldn’t have to clean up her messy lab all by herself. Using old parts lying around as a base, she designed the ideal sibling with all of the traits Kana had always wanted in an older sibling. Said android would be able to do all of Kana’s chores and clean her lab after her ambitious experiments, so that Kana herself would be able to dedicate all of her free time to her otaku hobbies – but Kana, being a equal parts clumsy and distracted by a new episode of her favourite slice-of-life anime, got a few pieces of coding confused and created an android sister who had great anxiety over not being human. At the time, she was frustrated by her mistakes, and as a result Kana doesn’t tend to take too much note of Nao, usually choosing to focus on new experiments rather than Nao’s presence. Despite this, Kana wanted Nao to be as useful as she’d originally intended, and tried to drop her off at the MOE Mansion so that the staff could teach her android sister how to be more useful- but seeing all of the maids and butlers who could be like the super-efficient cleaning siblings she wanted, she decided to become a maid herself so that she could stay in the Mansion and get everyone else to clean up after her next grand experiment!

Upon a brief departure from the MOE mansion, Kana has been adventuring around the world looking at inventions others have made. One particular favourite of hers was the “museum of failure” since they made failed products/inventions look useful even though they’re failed. Being the genius she was, she was able to complete her tasks that the scientific community gave her, much to everyone’s shock. Now with nothing for her to do, she decided to return back to the MOE mansion with a dedication to show all her big brothers, sisters and siblings all the new inventions – even the failed ones!