Maid Clover

“Err… What was my name again?”



March 17th


17 (Or so she remembers)

Blood type


Soul colour

Light Green



Favourite food

All sorts of sweets, especially fluffy pancakes.

Favourite flower

Buttercups (THEY HOLD BUTTER).


Romance games, gardening and baking (Don’t let her near too many sharp objects!)

Random fact

Clover loves dinosaurs! Claiming to have held one in her lifetime, no one can be sure if it was a Dinosaur egg or just a chicken egg.

Born a bubbly druid within a small tribe. From tripping over and breaking the tribe’s ancient ornaments, to accidentally feeding her fellow elves cups of tea made with salt instead of sugar, Clover has always found herself in questionable situations. During the tribe’s daily forage, distracted by a particularly beautiful butterfly, the elf strayed from the usual route. Discovering new and amazing herbs, her mind began to wander with how proud everyone in the tribe would be from her dutiful searches of untouched lands (she had forgotten that her elders had warned of the dangers of the land). Being both distracted and equally clumsy, she tripped into a small cave and dropped her basket of goods deeper into the cave. Paying the obvious danger no mind, she ventured into the unknown realm, successfully retrieving her lost bag.

Her journey out would not end so smoothly, accidentally touching a portal she found herself sucked into the magical phenomenon. The next moment she was standing in the busy urban streets of London. Confused and bewildered, the elf ran around trying to find her way back. Time went by and soon it was nighttime, the lost elf began to lose hope until a rabbit ran past her in a hurry; something about getting the latest scoop. Deciding to follow her (no one told her following strangers was a bad idea), she ended up in front of the MOE Mansion. 

Taking a nervous step past the gates, hoping they might have an answer to how she could get home. The airheaded girl began her journey in the MOE Mansion!