Maid Chou



Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour

Engine red

Favourite foods

Mango pudding

Favourite flower

Lily of the valley


Watching horror films, reading love novels, and collecting many things.

Random fact

I have a secret collection of hair; I believe that hair is beautaiful and unique to each person. I wish to collect hair from every single Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama in the world....

As a baby, Chou was given to her aunt and uncle after her parents died unexpectedly. However, none of her relatives truly wanted her as she got in the way of their busy lifestyles. She had always felt unloved and desperately longed to feel the love and comfort of another being. Her only friend was her doll named Yoko, with beautiful long, straight, black, soft and silky hair. Chou kept the doll’s hair perfect everyday, as it was the only she owned and grew to love.

Chou never had friends or family, so she spent half her days reading love novels, learning about how to love another being and how to make another love her. After reading a novel on maid cafes in Japan, she found out that there was also one much closer to home, in London. Seeing how loved all the maids and butlers in MOE were, Chou knew that this is what she needed to be a part of, so that she could be loved and noticed by everyone too…