Maid Aza



Forever 17

Blood type


Favourite flower

Spider Lilies

Favourite food

Matcha-flavoured anything! Especially ice cream...


Reading medical texts, romantic movies, horror movies, ghost stories, music, collecting cute things... and researching cute people ♥

Random fact

I spent a lot of time listening to music and idols when I was younger. They really understand me and always say nice things... ♥

Aza’s parents were surgeons in the town she grew up in; successful because the town was small. However, there were rumours around the town of malpractice and underground clinical trials. Whether this was true or not, these rumours caused Aza to be bullied and ostracised by the other children and townsfolk who called her family scary and improper, even though she wasn’t to blame for her parents’ apparent actions. Despite maintaining a sweet demeanour, inside she became callous and defensive.

Aza was desperate for companionship, and found herself increasingly curious of the patients who came into her family’s hospital. She loved to observe them, their actions; wondering what they were like, what it might be like to be friends, or more. It became almost an obsession, as she started to search through the classified patient files, desperately wanting to know more about them, wanting to know every detail of their lives and bodies, even following them around the hospital carefully. She wanted to feel a close connection to them…

Due to her morbid curiosity in people and bodies, she even gained an interest in horror movies and ghost stories, as she felt it allowed her to study people in even closer detail. This caused a lot of trouble for Aza’s parents, who were already being accused of many things, with rumours saying the family was breaching security rights. They scolded her often and eventually told her that she couldn’t be around the hospital anymore. Something inside of her snapped, and that night, she took a baseball bat and destroyed an entire ward in the hospital. When she came out of her episode, she realised what she had done and ran away, hoping to get away from her town and find somewhere she could be close to people, and restart. She came across the MOE mansion, filled with all kinds of individuals, and she was so curious that she just HAD to go in and find out more about them…