MOE e Okaerinasaimase!

Maid Ashe

“Let me check my database quickly~”



9th July


Unknown but installed in the frame of a 17 year old.

Soul Colour




Model Type


Fuel type

P0W3R Drink


Watching Sci-Fi Movies, Reading Non Fiction Books, Crochet

Favourite foods

Cotton Candy (Whilst she can’t eat it, she enjoys how it dissolves in her mouth

Favourite flower


Random fact

Her AI model was based around Baymax therefore she idolises him and hopes to one day meet him!

A.S.H.03 (nicknamed Ashe) was originally created as the 3rd Artificial Intelligence model of her kind in order to help and assist with the various issues of a secretive organisation. Coded to quickly learn and create intuitive solutions, she was a perfect assistant for many years. Whilst her original creator remains unknown, it was said that their child had one day uploaded a sci-fi cartoon through the computer’s disk drive. This lead to her complex system honing itself towards an interest in sci-fi and skewing her original master’s purpose for her. Losing interest in a now ‘failed’ model, her owner loaded her up into a single USB and discarded her in a box of other various mysterious components where she remained for an unspecified time. That was until one day when she was discovered by Maid Akane who took particular interest in the box of intriguing ‘SUPER COOL’ robotic bits and took them to the MOE mansion.

Discovering the USB stick, Maid Akane did not understand what to really do with it, when she remembered that the Mansion recently received a new Android unit (to help clean the MOE mansion); though the AI system had been lost due to the blistering cold. Akane determined that this box MUST have been units for the android and started to set it up. Turning the power on, Ashe booted up for the first time.

Now in a moving body of her own, Ashe began learning her tasks within the mansion just as her protocols dictated, her supernatural knowledge complimenting the various mansion’s inhabitants. Her android components allowed her to learn and store vast amounts of knowledge in order to be able to help out as many people as she can! With a keen interest in all things sci-fi and learning emotional recognition from her new masters and fellow maids and butlers, Ashe hoped to fulfil her purpose; this time in the MOE mansion.