Maid Akane

“I'm all FIRED UP!!!”



12th August


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour




Favourite food

Spicy Laksa and anything sweet!

Favourite flower



Playing PvP games, (mostly) harmless pranks, building mechs, dancing...does saving the world count as a hobby?

Random fact

Since her patrols can last for months, she has designated a special space in her mech to store all her mahou shoujo manga!

Akane was born in a bustling city at the peak of technological advances. Ever since she was a child, she, like many of her classmates wanted to join The Tevatai; an organisation that specialises in the international protection of Earth. Thus commenced years of practical training leading her to be the first 17-year-old to graduate top of her class and sent on countless missions!

One fateful day, Akane was sitting in her Mecha doing her usual patrol of the atmosphere around the Earth. As per usual, the boredom of silence took over, leading to an hour-long one-sided annihilation…on Tekken 7. 

The joy felt from beating her likely inexperienced opponents was quickly interrupted by an emergency transmission from an unknown caller.


UNKNOWN: Pilot AK4N3, please find the whereabouts of your next assignment attached. You must make haste to these coordinates [M0.3-M4NS.10N]


A chuckle of interest emitted from Akane. She input the coordinates as described; It’s not like she had anything better to do…like patrolling for enemy ships threatening earth.

Swerving her ship towards earth at lighting speed, crash landing into an innocent rose garden, the young pilot emerged from her (now ruined) mech. Never did she expect what her next assignment would actually be…