Maid Chima



Forever 17 (but actually 200 years old)

Blood type


Soul colour

Dark purple

Favourite food


Favourite flower



Cosplaying, sleeping, and playing with ancient beasts while exploring the world with them!

Random fact

The noble Elder in the village had a dream the night Chima was born, and prophesied that Chima would be an exceptionally talented and powerful witch. However, Chima is always causing trouble in her village...

Chima came from a small village, where every female born was a witch. Chima belonged to one of the oldest, pure-blood and noble witch families in the village, which has a special bloodline talent. This meant Chima was able to communicate with all the sprites in every single universe!

Chima is a very young witch at 200 years old, and doesn’t perform as well as the rest of her peers. Although she is good at remembering spells and magic recipes, she always makes a mistake and something turns very wrong! However, unbeknownst to everybody, only the village Elder and priest know of Chima’s true power, as the priest sealed 90% of Chima’s magic; they feared that she was much too young to control such power.

Viewed as a disgrace to the family due to her air-headed nature, they sent her to the human world to learn how to fit in with them. Chima travelled around many places and worked maid cafes as she is fond of cosplaying, and eventually reached MOE. Though she is supposed to keep her identity a secret, she isn’t very good at keeping it hidden….