Butler Takumi




Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite food

Curry rice

Favourite flower

Blue rose


Military History, Plastic Models building, MMA/UFC, Photography, Cycling

Random fact

Despite what people say about wrestling being ‘fake’...it's my desire to wrestle within a ring, in front of millions and millions of my fans...

Takumi is the older twin child of a prestigious gang family, who was enlisted in the army at a young age. He caused unwanted trouble, lacked discipline, respect and couldn’t care less about their ideals. A few years later, his family saw a different person; a hardened and well disciplined man, who was willing and able to lead his own group.

Whilst he comes off as rude, sarcastic and cold, with an interest in wrestling and proving his masculinity, he has a hidden calm side where he spends therapeutic hours building plastic models, taking photos of nature and going on long cycling journeys.

Meanwhile, his younger twin sister Khao, had moved to England. Reasons were unknown, therefore Takumi was sent on a mission by their father to observe, gather intel and ensure her safety.

Upon arrival at MOE, he was bewildered by the Butlers who possessed specialties far beyond those encountered in his military service. While having to check up on his sister (who was ignoring his presence), he found something else among the serving staff and the customers to aid in his ideals.