Butler Suzuran



Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite food


Favourite flower

Something with thorns.


Fighting, Eating, Sleeping, Reading manga, Watching Tokusatsu.

Random fact

I hate spicy food and cute things!

Suzuran was never taken seriously during his adolescence. His confidence was shattered when he was turned down by multiple girls. Wanting more attention and his confidence back, he became a feared delinquent in the town with the dream of becoming “number one Yankee in the universe.

After taking over all the schools in his region, he gained unwanted attention from certain Yakuza families, who ambushed and captured him with 100-no 100,000 men!
After single handedly defeating and escaping from the Yakuza, he set out on a journey to defeat anybody he came across to be the number one Delinquent of all time!

He quickly ran out of money for food and tried to dine and dash from MOE, where he was quickly apprehended and defeated by the androids. He now works to pay his debt to MOE while continuing his conquest!