Butler Shinzo



Programmed to remain Forever 17

Blood type

Nano machine-based artificial blood.

Soul colour


Model number


Favourite foods

Banoffee pie.

Favourite flower



Recharging, observing wildlife and nature and trying new "human" experiences.

Random fact

Although built of synthetic parts, Shinzo has various modules and engines built in to him that work with his OS to emulate human characteristics. He can sense sound, smell, sights and taste, just like a human. However, he was born unfamiliar with these sensory experiences and is still learning to differentiate them during his time in service.

RX-1.5 was a ‘Reconnaissance Xpert’ unit, used in battle and espionage missions. With time, it became outdated and was decommissioned, being left for scrap. It was later found and coincidentally sent to the lab that developed MOEX07. Through extensive R&D, using the partially functioning body frame, they succeeded in refurbishing it. However, it was lacking any redeeming human-like qualities. With no face, OS or personality, one of the developers (affectionately known as BakaNii) couldn’t think of a suitable use for it and thus kept it in stasis until needed.

Meanwhile, MOE was in desperate need of a butler. Feeling a stroke of genius coming on, BakaNii decided to recreate the refurbished unit and also installed a new OS, reprogramming RX-1.5 to serve as a butler. His model no. was updated to KYUNX09 RX-V.2 to reflect his new purpose as an MOE unit.

Shinzo’s OS includes the latest A.I advancements to make him a highly intelligent learning machine, far more sophisticated than previous units. His former abilities as a unit used for reconnaissance are now put to use assisting MOE. The cameras in his eyes are now used to record events and dances for MOE. His primary directives however, are to 1: Ensure Hime-sama is always smiling and happy, 2: “Learn from the human behaviour and feel real emotion.”