Butler Inari



Forever 17~ (Actually existed before the first human)

Blood type


Soul colour

Dark blue

Favourite food

Rice (it goes well with everything), Fried Tofu, any form of sweets

Favourite flower

Cherry Blossom


Eating and admiring desserts, nurturing the wild

Random fact

I dislike humans; why can't they just worship me without questioning it??

Inari was originally a deity residing in the heavens. However, as the years flew by, Inari noticed a gradual decline in worshippers. Concerned with this outcome (as his power comes from the number of worshippers) he decided to descend on to Earth and to go where his followers are scarce; London.

Foreign to the country and the new era’s customs and culture, Inari wandered the streets of London, not feeling familiarity with his surroundings. He eventually stumbled across MOE. Watching the maids and butlers fulfil the wishes of their Danna-sama & Hime-sama and receiving praise in return, gave him the idea that joining MOE would be the best chance to blend in and gather more worshippers…