Butler Ichigo

“Let's unlock the truth!”



10th April



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Favourite food

Ramen, Sweets (especially toffee)

Favourite flower



Jazz, puzzles, mobile idol games (Love Live, Enstars, Cinderella Girls), running (come for a run with me sometime!)

Random fact

Despite my namesake, I am unfortunately allergic to strawberries! Don’t worry, it means more for everyone else.

Ichigo was raised in a small orphanage, where he was the eldest child. Growing up there, the others looked up to him, treating him like their big brother. Whenever they had a problem or conundrum, they could depend on Ichigo solving it, even with the case of The Missing Doll (a stray cat took it!).
His big brotherly instincts drove him to do whatever he can to make sure that the other children were able to find new homes to be happy in, even if it meant missing opportunities to do so himself.

Eventually, the other children found new families, and only Ichigo remained. A few days later, the orphanage was suddenly engulfed in flames and Ichigo barely crawled his way through the burning building to safety. Struggling through the dense smoke, Ichigo saw what seemed to be a shadowy figure entering the basement: the one area of the orphanage the children were not allowed to be in. Was he hallucinating? Within minutes, the orphanage that he grew up in was then a little more than a pile of rubble and ash, with no trace of the mysterious culprit. The only thing that left was a calling card with a mysterious symbol. Propelled by his desire to find out to who was responsible and why, he set off on his own for the first time.

His knack for solving cases led him to be well suited for the life of a travelling detective for hire. Learning as much as he could, with a willingness to consider all possibilities and a penchant for professionalism, he made a name for himself solving cases and mysteries long thought to be impossible. Though initially put off by his young age and rather peculiar quirks, his clients always walked away satisfied. The only case Ichigo had yet to solve was finding out who was responsible for burning down his orphanage and why; no clues had been found since that fateful day.

After one of his investigations, he came across the MOE mansion, a place bustling with all sorts, from ex-yakuza to aliens from outer space! Discovering this melting pot of extraordinary people and personalities caused the cogs in his brain to turn: someone there might know something about that fire. Although originally intending to only investigate, Ichigo decided to stay in the MOE mansion for just a little bit longer as a butler, doing his detective work from there. Maybe the chance to be a big bro again led to this decision, but you would never hear him admit that…