Maids Of England at HYPER JAPAN Festival


Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama!
The mansion’s maids and butlers can’t wait to bring the maid café experience to HYPER JAPAN attendees as they prepare to take the MOE Mansion to the Olympia for the first time. You can get to know our wonderful maids and butlers who wear the lovely MOE uniform accessorised in their own uniquely shining soul colour, take chekki (instant photos), eat delicious food, and experience live song and dance at the vibrant café, which is making its first convention appearance in several years at HYPER JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019!
Our café will be open for all 3 days of HYPER JAPAN, so we hope to welcome you back home to the MOE mansion! For those who have purchased a ticket to HYPER JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019, entry to the café is FREE!
Participating staff will be announced at a later date. Look forward to seeing the exciting announcements of the serving maids and butlers!
The maids and butlers of the MOE mansion just love to add special touches to their MOE Uniforms. The themes will be as follows;
Friday – Kemonomimi (Animal ears)
Saturday slot 1 – Megane (Glasses)
Saturday slot 2 – Braids or twintails
Sun – Florals
More information can be found here