Maids Of England was created in July 2011. We are a fusion English-Japanese style maid cafe, here to bring MOE to your day!

The Japanese term “moe” connotes a burning passion towards certain traits that you personally find appealing! All of our maids have an essence of “moe” within them, so there is someone for everyone!

We serve maid cafe staples such as “omurice” (fried rice wrapped in a fluffy omelette with hand drawn ketchup sauce art). All food and drink are served “ai kome” (with love!) and your maid will always do a special spell for you!

Our maids do extra services such as playing games with you, taking “chekkis” (credit card sized instant photos) as well as singing and dancing live!

We hope to see you at home soon, Goshujin-sama (my lord), Ojou-sama (my lady)!