Maid Rikkari

“Magic is believing in yourself!”



20th March


Forever 17

Blood type


Soul colour



Protecting the world, fighting evil, watching anime (Her favourites are Mahou Shoujo and Slice of Life), playing with her magical bird familiar (but he's actually just a plushie).

Favourite foods

Strawberry and Vanilla Cheesecake, macaroons and anything sweet!

Favourite flower


Random fact

Did you know? There may be over 10,000 different species of birds! But my bird is the only one who can use magic!

Rika, “The Almighty and Sweetest Magical Girl to ever exist”, is a 17 year old who lives a normal life by day and (supposedly) fights evil at night. Along with her plush… familiar, Kotori-chan, they travel around their hometown searching for people to help. However, Rika usually gets tired after an hour or two of searching for helpless mortals, and instead visits her favourite ice cream parlour and dessert restaurants.

One day whilst in the middle of her 3rd parfait of the day, she hears a loud noise outside. Rushing out without a second to waste (after finishing her dessert of course), Rika crashed into Maid Sawashiro and causing her to fall apart! The shock of seeing a supernatural being for the first time caused the self proclaimed magical girl to faint. She woke up within the MOE mansion next to an angry Maid Mima who was in the process of piecing her friend back together.

Apologising profusely was not enough to make up for the trouble she made, so she made her way to the MOE Mansion to start paying off her debt (Magical ingredients are expensive afterall!).

At first she complained about how her new maid duties took time away from saving the world, but once she saw how many amazing desserts the mansion produced, she couldn’t say no! She apparently continues to fight crime at night, supposedly sneaking out from her room at midnight, and coming back in the morning wrapped in bandages. However the other maids aren’t so sure.