Maid Momoko




Blood type


Soul colour


Favourite food

Chocolate & strawberry crepes that onii-chan makes

Favourite flower

Yellow Carnation


Dancing, Singing, Sleeping, Dreaming (of being world's best imouto idol), Practicing Peach Power pose, Watching Idol concerts with onii-chan, Cooking for onii-chan, Baking for onii-chan, Eating, Drawing, Making cute things for onii-chan, playing with my onii-chan, doing anything that involves onii-chan, collecting Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori items, napping with my cat.

Random fact

Momo is the best imouto idol who will one day conquer the idol world! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

Momoko grew up in a quiet town with her big brother and her parents. Her parents were away from home most of the time for reasons unknown so her big brother was the one who always looked after her. Because of this, she grew very attached to her big brother and has a huge desire to be the best sister in the world! Everyday when she came home from school, her big brother will sit together with her to watch Mini Moni (kids show hosted by an idol group) which sparked her interest in idols. She has always aspired to become an idol since then as she wanted her big brother to pay attention to her the way he pays attention to the idols! She also wants everyone to feel the joy that an idol gives to their fans just like the way her brother is always smiling as he watches his favourite idols! She believes that this was the ultimate joy! (And that is where “Peach Power” came from: The Power of ultimate happiness that beams from Momo’s cheeks that also happen to resemble peaches!)

But one day in her happy little life, she came home from school to find her brother was gone! On the front door was a note from a Yakuza family demanding for a large sum of money as a ransom for her brother whom they kidnapped! As it turns out, her parents were government’s top assassins who had been causing grief to organized gangs worldwide. She decided to track down her brother in order to save him from the bad people and in her search, she managed to find a few clues that led to England. Upon her arrival to England, she decided to join MOE to investigate and at the same time to train to become a better imouto…

After many years of searching, it turns out he was fine all along. She should have know better, her cool and awesome onii-chan who knows the art of combat and deception – the baddies were just no match for him!!!! However, Momoko had been keeping this discovery secret for over a year now for two reasons. One is for the protection of her brother and herself (which also explains the change of her hair colour! She learnt this tactic after watching several movies about escaping the law/other bad things). The second reason is that she had grown to love her brothers and sisters of MOE that she is too sad and afraid to leave them. Even if Natchan is sometimes mean to her, or if Suzuran is often very stupid, or if Miyuu is always trying to look up her skirt, Momo still loves everyone!! So she has decided to stay a little longer with her MOE family. Afterall, Momoko is learning a lot in this environment in becoming the world’s best imouto idol. She believes that if she worked hard enough, she might even defeat Abe Natsumi and become her brother’s new favourite idol! So nowadays in the mansion, you can find Momo carefully (and secretly) watching Miyuu in hope of learning a few tricks and tips to achieve in the idol world. Recently, Shizunyan also introduced her to an idol-based game called School Idol Project, Love Live! which is teaching her a lot about musical rhythm. But she still has a lot to learn before she can reach her dreams…..