Maid Ami




Blood type


Soul colour

Mint Green

Favourite food

Choco Cake!!!!

Favourite flower

Carnations!! red and yellow!


Baking and cook delicious meals to share with everyone, take long walks with some cool music, cosplay and sing!

Random fact

If I look at a mirror for more than 10 seconds I feel the necessity to eat strawberries.

Ami is an adventuress. She is from a country far away and she left everything; her family and friends to come to England to start again and learn English. She doesn’t like to study because she is a little bit lazy when it’s about text books. Because of that, she still has some problems communicating with people and she usually confuses some words.

If she has learnt something in life, it is to smile all the time. A nice person will meet nice people even if you don’t understand a word they are saying. The only time she’s not happy is when she forgets how to say a word and she gets frustrated. She is now like a lost cat, and like a lost cat she loves it when people stroke her hair. She is calm and polite she is in an unknown environment though.

Thanks to MOE she is in a new family which can protect her and teach her about the English manners and the language.