Maid ZiiZii

Rank: A

Age: One-thousand-eight-hundred-and-fif- oh- I mean- Forever 17 >:3c

Blood Type: Pink

Hobbies: Learning about human things by watching human movies and tv shows, playing games and trying new human foods to collect data for my secret mission~!

Favourite Foods: Potato crisps, pasta, bread, rice, pork, coffee, cookies, ice-cream, tea, noodles, pancakes, doughnuts, sandwiches, ricecakes, salmon, grapes, watermelon

Favourite Flower: Huh? What's that?

Random Fact: Her antenna allow her to communicate with her colony's ship in space.

One night ZiiZii crash landed into the MOE Mansion’s back garden, to conduct special research (it’s top secret, so don’t ask!!) That was when ZiiZii found out what the police were~! Luckily, they’re not as smart as the FBI, who are also after ZiiZii after she crash-landed into a top secret military base (wwww~ oopsies!)

She was let off the hook and was made to pay off her debt to MOE by working as a maid. ZiiZii has learnt to be very suspicious and well prepared from her many years hiding from the FBI and carries a ZiiZiiZapper for defence. Don’t worry though, she’ll only ever pull the gun out if she thinks you’re an undercover FBI agent!