MOE Family 2019 Poster

£10 £5

This is an A3 sized poster of the 2019 MOE Family, in 250gsm and matt finish!

This poster, created by Crabdere, was lovingly created to commemorate 2017, the year where we had a full coloured family at once with Head Maid Khao trying to control the chaos in the ever growing MOE Mansion!

We hope it can have a special place with you as well!

The poster consists of the following staff members;

Maid Khao
Maid Kyoko
Maid ZiiZii*
Maid Amelia
Maid Sky
Maid Luna*
Maid Haine
Maid Nao
Maid Kana *
Maid Eva
Maid Willow
Maid Beatrice
Maid Sawashiro
Maid Mima *

Butler Mako*
Butler Atré (Green)
Butler Yuuki (Pink)
Butler Ichigo *
Butler Kodama*

* graduated members

Please note that this item will be posted within SEVEN days after ordering!

Please note that the preview image is low quality and that the poster will be printed at optimum. Due to monitor differences, the printed colours may be slightly different.

All refunds prior production will be charged 20p from the total to cover the PayPal processing fee.

MOE Family 2019 Poster

£10 £5