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Maid Nao Birthday Set

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May 1st is Maid Nao’s Birthday! Our Android maid has prepared our masters some self portrait goods, available only to our masters for this short period!

This bag of goodies will  contain at LEAST:

  • 1 bromide drawing
  • 3 Badges
  • 1 custom badge with your name (please write your preferred name to be put on in the notes section (if not your order first name will be used)
  • A handwritten letter from Maid NAO

Terms & Conditions:

  • – Your order will be posted 7 days after sales have ended (15/5/21)
  • – No returns or refunds
  • – Every order may differ from one another with the exception of the confirmed items in the description. Multiple orders will ensure new options (up to 3)