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Maid Mima Graduation Sale

Only 1 left in stock

Maid Mima has graduated from the MOE mansion ;w;;; One of her familiars, Cass has informed us she must partake in a once in a century event for her fellow witches as a representative ;A;; Thus she departs to undertake her training for it!

We have colliated a set sale of Maid Mima’s goods, including never before seen artwork and keychain!

Be quick, we only have 10 sets avaliable!

You will receive;

  • 1 5×7 Uniform Bromides
  • 2 6×4 Bromides
  • 1 6×4 Drawing Print
  • 1 Mima 60mm Badge
  • 1 Mima Keychain

All printed with archival-quality inks and photo paper, with a gloss finish.

Terms & Conditions:

• Item will be posted via 1st class post, Royal Mail
• Item will be posted 7 days after order is placed
• No returns or refunds

Maid Mima Graduation Sale