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Genderbend Chekkis

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This week, Maid Sawashiro (Shiro), Nao(N.A.0.2), Kana (Kenta), Khao (Kao), Sky (Cloud), Butler Zi-Ming (Zi-Hua), Tsuki (Suki) and Rin (?) have been turned into a different form! The Maids are turned into Butlers and vice versa (Though Rin seems unaffected despite consuming the same concoction as everyone else!)

This is a listing for special chekkis! Decorated by each individual!

Please note that chekkis are RANDOM but purchasing 8 will ensure one of each member.There will be no repeats for multiple chekkis bought.

Terms & Conditions:

• Your order will be posted 10 days after sales have ended (22/8/21)
• No returns or refunds