Thank you masters for your interest! Please forward any further questions to Mansion@maidsofengland.co.uk and your answer may be added to this page!

Q). Can anyone apply?

A). As long as you match our requirements you can apply! We accept all applicants from around the world of any gender and race.

Q). What kind of character is Maid Macaron?

A). Maid Macaron is a spirit that overlooks the MOE mansion! She’s a mischievous and playful individual with a soft spot for all things Maid café related! With a childish demeanour, you can never tell if she’s up to no good or not! Though through possession of the chosen master, her personality may change just a little.

Q). Why 18+ when I’ll be playing a 17 year old character?

A). The magic of MOE turns those who enter the mansion to be forever 17, Maid Macaron included. This is to avoid inappropriate engagement with viewers or others and keep our staff members safe.

Q). What is provided by MOE?

A). We provide a fully rigged model to be used on V-tuber studios. Overlays, logos, bgm and other assets are also provided. We will also provide the majority of games that the V-tuber will be playing on stream. Additional artwork (Commissions) may be reimbursed as long as talked to with the MOE managers prior.

Q). What can I play/say?

A). Maid Macaron as well as all our Maids and Butlers in MOE are forever 17 so all games and content must be suitable for minor audiences. As long as the game follows the ESRB rating in the UK is fine. Additionally the world of MOE is protected so we ask the successful applicant to not say anything inappropriate to a minor.

You will not be allowed to talk ‘out of character’ when using Maid Macaron’s social media accounts- this includes private messages.

Q). How many people are you looking for?

A). As this is our first time doing something similar to this, we will only be looking for 1 successful applicant.

Q). What about Pay?

A). You as the hired V-tuber will get all the income from twitch subs, bits and donations (EXCEPT from the special event ones featuring our irl maids and butlers to which a specified amount will be talked to ). All other enquires can be answered at our email mansion@maidsofengland.co.uk .

Q). Can I keep the model/account when I graduate?

A). Maid Macaron belongs to MOE and therefore, you will not be able to take her assets when you leave MOE. If your graduation is in graceful terms, you will be able to graduate as Maid Macaron but as she possesses your body in order to stream, she will be finding a new body to possess.