MOE! Hanami Gakuen in Nottingham

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Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama!
The Hanami season is soon approaching… have you spotted the first few blooming flowers?

Maid Luna is currently mystified by all the rabbit decorations, as Maid Mocha explains enthusiastically that Easter is soon approaching! However, while Maid Haine and Butler Mako prepare their study material for their quiz on Mansion etiquette, Maid Khao is being haunted by an eerily familiar being, craving for her energy…

As the new school season starts in Japan, we would also like to welcome you home at our FIRST event in Nottingham! We look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones~
KK Tea house, 25 Goose Gate, Nottingham NG1 1FE
16th March 2019

Maid Khao (Head Maid)
Maid Mocha
Maid Luna
Maid Haine
Butler Mako (Doorman)


~SLOT 1 (12-2PM): Hanami Classroom~
The maids and butlers will be dressed school uniforms, to celebrate the cherry blossom season as well as the start of the Japanese school year!

~SLOT 2 (3-5PM): Pyon Pyon Uniform~
Our staff will have their uniforms adorned with Easter’s accessories~


All students (customers) will be given a pop quiz on MOE trivia! The one with the highest score wins a special prize ♥

~SLOT 2 EXCLUSIVE: Jan Ken Pon!~
Everyone shall be challenged to a game of Jan Ken Pon – our moe moe version of Rock Paper Scissors! The winner shall receive a full event staff chekki!

~BOTH SLOTS: MOE Kyun Lucky Dip!~
We will have our lucky dip box back, where you have the chance to win limited edition bromides, badges and event chekkis! Each dip is £3; try your luck!

~BOTH SLOTS: Otanjoubi!~
Does your birthday fall a week before, during or after our event? Let the Doorman know (proof required!) and we will sing you Happy Birthday and present you with a free full event staff chekki!


Tickets will be released soon! We will only have a limited number of seats so make sure you keep an eye out not to miss the first event in the midlands!

• A free chekki with a maid/butler
• A free game with a maid/butler
• All event specials and live entertainment


We will be taking food orders in advance for all customers though you will be required to pay on the day instead!

Please make sure you turn up on time to your slot! Failure to show up within 20 minutes of the slot (without notifying us) will mean that your place may be offered to another customer. Anyone arriving after the last entry time will not be admitted. Refunds are only issued if requested one week before the event.